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Parkdale Toronto Hort 2012 AGM and Speaker

The AGM of the Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto will take place prior to the speaker at the November 26, 2012 meeting. The AGM starts at 7:00pm sharp with refreshments. Speaker starts at 7:40. Social time will commence after the speaker. The meeting is at the Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Avenue, just south of Queen Street West. Doors open at 6:30pm.

As determined by our Constitution, the Society must hold an AGM. Reports from the President and Treasurer, and other business will be presented and discussed. The 2013 Board of Directors will be elected. Members of the society are asked to participate at the AGM to ensure that a responsible board of Directors is elected and to provide an opportunity to volunteer for all Board positions. Please give some consideration as to whether or not the time is right for you to fill one of the upcoming board vacancies.

Remember, your presence and vote are both valued and required to elicit future change or positive forward development.

After the AGM, our speaker Wolfegang Bonham will show us the hidden gardens of Kyoto and Nara. With a strong art background, Wolfe had two previous careers before horticulture claimed him. Two years ago he fulfilled a career-long goal of going to Japan to study Japanese Garden Design, a style of garden he favours over all others. Please scroll down to the article  below or click here to read more.


Wolfegang Bonham - The Gardens Of Kyoto And Nara

November 26, 2012 Meeting.
To call Wolfegang Bonham a Renaissance Man is to conflate irony with understatement. It is ironic that Bonham’s obsession with gardens and gardening began when he was forced to deal with the unsightly concrete footings of his jewellery “booth” at Medieval and Renaissance shows. It is an understatement to call his mastery of jewellery, audio engineering, music, garden design, garden knowledge, and certification as a dry stone wall builder (sometimes while wearing a kilt), simply being a Renaissance Man. Perhaps, Post-Renaissance Man?
This month’s speaker undoubtedly has one of the most multi-faceted and fascinating pedigrees of anyone to address our Hort. Not to take away from our President, Clement Kent’s computer genius turned fruit fly and bee expert with an engaging talent for a dramatic turn at the sensation of a top hat upon his head, of course. Wolfe does, however, command attention in his own right, if not simply because of his unusual name. In fact, it’s a former stage name from his rock’n’roll days which he adopted for its immediate recognition. Wolfe has spent his life expressing himself by applying his unquestionable artistry in progressively more tangible media: from the aurality of music, to the beauty of jewellery, to the substantial complexity of garden design.
His knowledge and artistic sense is influenced by his years of study, both formally at Mohawk College where he received certificates in Horticulture Studies as well as Landscape Design, and his travels to experience gardens all over the world.
This month, he will present on his exploration of Japanese gardens, his favourite style, sharing the secrets of gardens in Kyoto and Nara.
─Maria Nunes

Frank Kershaw - Creative Small Garden Design

Frank Kershaw. Photo credits to Ellen Novak.
October 29, 2012 Meeting.
As we put our gardens to bed, it’s probably not a bad time to take note of (if we haven’t already) what worked and what didn’t and consider changes and new landscaping projects. If you squint hard enough, you might even be able to ‘see’ a vision of a renewed and refreshed garden and property. This month’s speaker will be able to provide informative photographs and engaging ideas for interesting plant palettes and landscape concepts to bring your squinted vision into focus. Frank Kershaw’s 35+ years of experience are steeped in green stuff… the kind that does grow on trees.
Seven years ago, Kershaw retired from his position at the City of Toronto as Director, Policy & Development Division, Economic Development, Culture & Tourism. Doesn’t sound green? Well, like our evolving gardens, City departments’ names and purviews, and jobs themselves, change over the years. But what is important is that throughout his career with the municipality, Kershaw has been involved in the fields of parks, horticulture, and the environment, having sat on numerous steering committees and task forces over the years related to the development of Toronto’s green space system. So he can pronounce on large sites, but he is also quite well versed in the small inner city yard. As house renovations may see expanded houses on small lots, Kershaw says, the owners are often drawn to creative garden design solutions while still being mindful of maintenance implications. In his own backyard, he has a collection of hypertufa trough gardens much like our own Barry Parker’s. And it is with teaching about how to creatively bring gardens of all shapes, sizes, and situations to life that Frank has filled the last seven years of his ‘semi-retirement’.
Although he cautions that he’s not a Landscape Architect, Kershaw is teaching garden design and horticulture at the H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, and Landscape Architecture and Design at the University of Toronto and at George Brown College. He has taught at and lectured for many years at the RBG, the TBG, and at countless garden clubs, garden shows… you name it! Frank Kershaw is a much-sought-out, award-winning horticulturist with a wealth of knowledge about “garden design, various sizes of properties, [and] hard and soft landscapes, including all kinds of plant material”. He also writes an incredibly informative column in the Lee Valley & Veritas e-newsletter.
On October 29th, have your pencils sharpened; class will be in session and you won’t want to miss it!
— Maria Nunes


Over 200 top chefs from across Canada and the U.S. have been added to the all-star culinary roster for Soupstock on Sunday, October 21, in Toronto’s Woodbine Park (11 am-4 pm). The chefs will offer original soup creations that celebrate Ontario’s rich agricultural bounty. Local farmers and producers have generously donated more than 10,000 pounds of fresh ingredients, from leeks and carrots to beets and bones, that will be used in the soups.

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Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden Public Consultations

There will be two public meetings to gain input for the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden initiative. The first one, a Community Consultation Workshop, will be held on October 23 at Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton School. The second meeting will be a Presentation of the Recommended Landscape Plan to the community, on November 22 at Fern School. You are invited to be part of these community consultations and help turn an ugly corner of Toronto in a beautiful space.

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Parkdale Village BIA / TD Green Streets - Ceremony and Garden Tour

On Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 the Parkdale Village BIA (PVBIA) will celebrate its Urban Garden Development Project with the launch of its reinvigorated community gardens, historical plaques and a cheque presentation and ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony will be followed by a brief tour of all six (6) gardens along Queen Street West within Parkdale Village.

The event will start Elm Grove Garden, located on the south west corner of Queen Street West and Elm Grove Avenue at 12pm. To go to the Facebook event page click here.

About TD Green Streets

TD Green Streets is a national program that supports innovative practices in municipal forestry. Through this unique program, communities across Canada are eligible to receive matching grants of up to $15,000 to support local forestry projects. TD Green Streets is open to Canadian municipalities, Aboriginal communities and Business Improvement Associations (BIAs) in Montréal, Vancouver and Toronto. For more information about TD Green Streets visit tdgreenstreets.ca


Donna Fenice - The Gardens of Northern Italy

September 24, 2013 Meeting.

Donna Fenice, who has lived and travelled extensively throughout Italy, will take us to Northern Italy’s most beautiful gardens, providing insights along the way into the historical forces behind their creation and fascinating glimpses of the lives of the individuals who created them. Buon viaggio! To find out more click here.


Ash Borer Meeting

Councellor Sarah Doucette is hosting a town hall meeting about the emerald ash borer beetle in collaboration with Live Green Toronto and LEAF. The meeting will be held on August 13, 2012, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm at the Swansea Town Hall 95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto. All 860,000 ash trees in Toronto are at risk of dying from an infestation of the emerald ash borer that destroys healthy trees. Come and find out more information about the problem and what can be done at this meeting.

To view the official poster for the meeting please click here.

To see maps of our area that shows the location of ash trees, and how widespread and huge this problem is click on links below. Red dots are ash tree on city property. Trees on private property or in city parks are NOT shown.

Bloordale Ash Tree Map

Parkdale Ash Tree Map

Roncesvalles Ash Tree Map


Hort Coach Tour 2012 - Norfolk County

Saturday July 14 - Fletcher Coach Tour’s Elaine Melito, who organized last year’s excursion, has confirmed the date for Saturday, July 14, to Norfolk County, Ontario. We leave from the Keele subway station parking lot at 8am sharp, returning to Keele again around 6pm. The price of $66 per person includes: deluxe motor coach transportation; stops at all the below-mentioned venues; all taxes, service charges and HST.

Pat Mulroney is looking after the ticket sales. Please send your cheque, (made out to the Hort Societies of Parkdale & Toronto) along with your contact information to the address indicated below for receipt before July 10th. Also, please let Pat Mulroney (pmulroney@yahoo.com) know by email so we can keep track of the numbers.  If you have already registered your interest by signing up at the last meeting, Pat still needs to receive your information and your cheque. NOTE: You can bring your cheque and registration information to the Hort BBQ on June 28. This event is open to the public, so get your cheques in as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

If you are taking the subway, use the Indian Grove exit to the parking lot off Indian Road. If you are driving, parking there is free on Saturdays. BRING YOUR PICNIC LUNCH, WATER, SUN HAT, SUNSCREEN AND COMFORTABLE SHOES.


8:00am sharp:  Depart Keele St. subway station (Indian Grove side).

There will be a coffee stop en route to our first stop of the day.

10:15am–11:45am: Whistling Gardens  

Tour, shopping and browsing. Nearly 18 acres have been sculpted into 6 major gardens. This is the largest public collection of conifers in the world with over 2,200 species, hybrids and cultivars on site. There are dancing fountains, a full nursery and so much more to see. This stop is sure to be a highlight of the tour.

12–1:45pm: Bonnieheath Lavender Farm  

Lunch stop, tour and shopping. The day we have chosen coincides with their Lavender Festival! There will be a lot going on, including a short wagon tour of the lavender fields with commentary. A seating area makes this a lovely spot for us to enjoy our picnic lunches. There may not be food vendors here so do remember to bring your lunch! All that is Lavender will offer their products and possibly plants for sale.

2:15pm–3:00pm: South Coast Gardens

Exciting shopping! Kevin Kavanaugh’s nursery is a collection of the rare and unusual with display gardens and lots of shopping to be had. He will be there and will speak to the group. The unusual assortment of plants includes perennial palm trees that will grow here.

3:15pm–4:00pm: Burning Kiln Winery  

Tour and wine tasting. What better way to finish our day than with a little drop of the local wine! We will savour their wines and see their facility.

Please note that the driver’s tip is NOT included in the price. We do require 40 paid passengers to make this a go.

Send your $66 cheque made out to the Hort. Societies of Parkdale and Toronto, inculding your name, phone number, and email address to Pat Mulroney, 153 Westminster Ave, Toronto, M6R 1N8, before July 10th.


Does Your Garden Need A Lift?

Would you like garden advice at a bargain price?

This is your chance to get a garden consultation and plants at a good price. Thanks to Designs by the Yard on Annette St and Plant World on Eglinton, we are offering our members the opportunity to bid on a garden consultation (value $150) and gift certificate (value $25) – a total value of $175. Funds raised will support the Hort’s community garden projects.

How will it work?  This will be a blind silent auction in which the highest bid over $50 will receive the prize. If there are multiple bids at the same price it will become a draw. 

How to bid?  Email your bids to info@parkdaletorontohort.com or telephone Diana Baxter at 416-653-1404. 

When you bid, please tell us: Your name, your bid amount (over $50) and your phone number.

If you send email, we will confirm your bid has been received.

Deadline:  Bids must be received by August 1, 2012