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2024-03-11 11:21 | Anonymous

DETAILS: Saturday May 25, 2024, 10AM - 12PM Roncesvalles United Church, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue.

We will be ordering in choice and interesting plants from a select nurseries for resale, and are hoping members will contribute plants to be sold by growing vegetable, herb and annual seedlings in potting mix, as well as your houseplant offspring, and divisions which have to be specially prepared this year. WE NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE.


Our Green Elephant Sale (a mini flea market specializing in garden and plant materials) needs your donations. This is your chance to purge, so do take advantage.

Examples of What We're Looking For:

  • Gardening tools and pots (Please no plastic pots - they just don't sell)
  • Garden ornaments of all kinds (Garden gnomes!)
  • Bird houses & feeders
  • Decorative vases & baskets
  • Garden furniture (Metal and wooden items sell better)
  • For Large Heavy items deliver to the church the day before the plant fair

Please give items a quick wipe or rinse, so that they are in clean, saleable condition. Please, no plant books or magazines this year.

Deliver Your Green Elephant Items

Drop off on or before Saturday May 23, to Mary’s front porch — 24 Abbott Avenue (a few blocks north of Bloor & Dundas). 

Need a Hand?

Need help transporting your goods? No problem. Email us at


Having lots of plants for sale is vital to the success of our Plant Fair. If you think you may be able to donate some plants to our sale, we will be so grateful!

Shoppers seem especially interested in native plants, pollinators, house plants of all kinds, tropical plants, hard-to-find-plants, and so on.

Plant division's from your garden will be accepted only under strict conditions. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the jumping worms. Clement Kent talked about this invasive pest that has the potential to change our indigenous boreal forests as well as our backyard soil. It is a very real threat to our ecosystem. Please read our article with info about Jumping Worms by clicking here.

Please let us know what you plan on contributing, so that we can anticipate the quantities and types of plants coming. Email us at

When To Start Digging Divisions

In April. The plants will need time to recover from transplant shock because you'll need to bare-root your divisions this year: wash away all soil with your garden hose, and then pot up your plants in clean pots with potting soil. Store the repotted plants off the ground where worms can not crawl back into them We understand that this is a tedious extra step but it is absolutely essential for us all to do our best to minimize the spread of jumping worms. We can also provide you with soil and/or pots for free if you need it! 

Label Your Plants

  • Plant Name: plus, if you know it's a native plant, definitely say so!
  • Type: grass, shrub, ground cover, flower, vine, tree, etc.
  • Partial to Sun, Shade, or a Mix: you can just draw a circle - hollow circle is sun, filled in is circle is shade, and half-and-half is a mix — see image below.

  • Flower Colour (if applicable)
  • Size (if possible)
  • An Image (if possible): BONUS marks to those who can print off an image of the plant in bloom or fully grown. Just google it! An image really helps give people a sense of what the plant will look like in time, and it makes it easier to sell.

Deliver Your Plants

Drop off potted-up plants on or before Saturday May 11, to Jessie's front porch — 49 Boustead Avenue (one block south of Bloor & Dundas).

For Plants Grown From Seed

If you've been growing plants from seed, these can be delivered directly to the Plant Fair venue (Roncy United Church) on Friday May 24th, between 6-8pm, or to Jessie's porch anytime that week.

Need a Hand?

Need help digging, dividing, root-washing (due to jumping worms), labelling, or transporting your divisions? How about help with repotting? Or do you just need some potting soil or clean pots? We have some donated potting soil that can be picked up in the Roncesvalles/Parkdale area. Contact us by email at no later than Monday, May 6. Email us at


Please help us advertise our upcoming amazing Plant Fair!!!

You can...

  • Print and POST POSTERS for our event on standard paper (8.5x11): Download the poster here.
  • Print, cut, and SHARE OR DROP-OFF FLYERS with your friends or at your favourite coffee shop: Download the flyers here.
  • SHARE our event with your friends on social media:

o Facebook

o Twitter

o Instagram


And if you haven't already reached out to us to volunteer at our Plant Fair or even just to help with some of the prep work ahead of the big day, be sure to email us at

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