Humber Arboretum Looking for Volunteers

2024-02-05 16:37 | Anonymous

We received a request in January of 2024 from the Humber Arboretum. The Humber Arboretum has decided to start a volunteer team to help maintain 17 acres of ornamental garden spaces.  We are hoping to start with a small volunteer team and expand as we go forward, to ensure we are valuing the volunteers properly and meeting their needs (food, t-shirts, and more).

Do you know of anyone that would be interested in volunteering to help look after the ornamental gardens?

A few further details: 

  • They will be working with vegetable gardens, native plants, and everything in between.
  • Tasks include but are not limited to the following: planting annuals, deadheading, maintaining containers, weeding, pruning,  dividing perennials, and removing annuals.
  • Helping to maintain the learning garden, including planting, training, and harvesting vegetables. Last year over 700lbs of veggies went to Rexdale Community Health Centre to help over 60 families in need. 

  • This spring, we will be replanting native beds to help our local pollinators. 
  • Shifts are one morning a week, from 8am-12pm with a 30 min break (day to be determined).
  • Start dates are mid-April to early November, weather dependent.
  • Tasks will vary and can be modified as needed. 
  • If inclement weather occurs, there is greenhouse work.

  • All equipment will be supplied. 

If you are interested or know others that might be, please send an email to and we'll put you in touch with our contact.

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