The Life Of A Dead Tree - Exhibition on until July 28, 2019

At the Museum of Contemporary Art this interesting exhibition by Mark Dion, with accompanying speaker talks, workshops and Dead Tree Walks was brought to our attention recently. Check the museum website for ticket information

Dead Trees for Biodiversity | High Park

With Scott MacIvor
Saturday, July 6

Meeting point: Outside the entrance of Grenadier Restaurant (200 Parkside Dr, Toronto)

Tickets: $10 general admission, $8 member pricing

Deadwood is a source of decay and decomposition. These processes drive nutrient cycling and provide building blocks for biodiversity conservation. Deadwood is threatened, especially in cities, by removal as a result of aesthetic issues, human safety or biofuel collection. As a result, deadwood biodiversity—from birds to insects and frogs to fungi—are also under pressure. Come and appreciate deadwood as it rests in the rare oak savannah of High Park, and experience and discuss the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning it supports.

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