Urban Ravine Symposium - November 2, 2018 

Urban Ravine Symposium: Explore, Restore and Celebrate      

At the Toronto Botanical Garden, 777 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto.

Urban ravines provide us with a quick escape from the stresses of city-living. Shady trees, flood-protecting wetlands, colourful songbirds and bejeweled butterflies are just a few of the many natural treasures offered without cost. Ravines also provide numerous free recreational opportunities. However, decades of taking, and not giving back, have taken a toll on these treasured landscapes.

Urban ravines are experiencing erosion, invasive species, flooding and encroachment at unprecedented levels. These challenges and creative solutions to them will be discussed at TBG’s symposium. Learn how to restore wildlife habitat, discover how earthworms impact restoration, hear from experts on plant invasions and the lessons they provide us, and help the city celebrate ravines in a big way.

Through talks, displays, tours and networking, this event will contribute greatly to the growing enthusiasm and expertise for urban ravine restoration.

Toronto Botanical Urban Ravine Symposium 

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