Donna Fenice - The Gardens et al of Sicily

January 29, 2018 Meeting

Meetings are held at the Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Avenue, just south of Queen Street West. Arrive after 6:30pm and enjoy coffee and cookies while you check out the Hort library, chat, and ask questions!

Sicily is the island of Persephone, the gardener’s beloved Goddess of Spring, who weaves her magic in gardens across the island.

Donna Fenice has been to Italy many, many times. It’s a country, we have learned, she is in love with. With this month’s presentation, there is no doubt the affair continues. This time, she takes us to that fabled island, Sicily. Now that the mafia seems to have “gone all white crime”, she says, people are feeling a lot more comfortable about visiting.

Italy comes up in conversations quite readily, says Donna, as do requests for designing itineraries. Who better to ask than someone who’s been there multiple times. She knows the best way to see a place, even if you don’t see everything you thought you could pack into two weeks! Thus we get from Donna’s presentations the spirit of the place, the feel, and a sense of the people who created the gardens.

Sicily provides a diversity of architecture from Greek to Roman to Arab-Norman which is second only to the diversity of the landscape. Donna has travelled the island widely and kept a watchful eye out for the grand gardens of architectural gems, hilltop villages, and humble backyards.

Of course, Sicily’s current popularity with the jet-set might also be fuelled by a guy named Inspector Montalbano, from the TV series. for those with nostalgia for that era of its more recent, if infamous, past.

Maria Nunes

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