Marion Jarvie - A Tour of the Jarvie Garden

March 27, 2017 Meeting

Meetings are held at the Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Avenue, just south of Queen Street West. Arrive after 6:30pm and enjoy coffee and cookies while you check out the Hort library, chat, and ask questions!

Marion will open her reknowned private garden revealing this peaceful jewelbox as the seasons change and transform the fabulous combinations of shrubs, trees, perennials and her many new plants!


As a blustery snowstorm rattles my windows, it’s good to flip through Marion Jarvie’s webpage gallery of plants from her garden. The fresh, crisp, vivid colours of the many beautiful plants and snippets of garden beds throughout the year are a welcome distraction when Mother Nature teased us with late spring-like weather a couple of weeks ago, but then threw us one last (one hopes) volley of winter.

The computer screen is no match for the screen upon which this month’s presenter will once again treat us to bigger than life images skilfully captured by this prolific photographer. Marion has shown us images from far off lands in past visits, but this time she’s concentrating on her own garden in Thornhill—not that it isn’t as exotic!

As we’ve come to learn, Marion loves to showcase new and unusual plants discovered on her many international journeys, alongside our own natives, like our hardy orchids (remember John Alexander and Peter Kaellgren’s presentation last November?), otherwise known as Lady Slippers. There are plants of every kind featured in this garden from trees and shrubs in all shapes and sizes, including the bright rose, double-flowered prunus ‘Marion Jarvie’; to tender perennials both in the ground and in pots, like numerous varieties of succulents. From shade to sun-loving plants and bog-loving to dry rock garden plants, Marion and her husband Alex have created a living, encyclopaedic work of plant art for all seasons on their nearly 1⁄2 acre site.

Just as we get set to dig our hands back into the soil, this will provide one last shot of inspiration for the coming gardening season.

Maria Nunes 

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