AGM and speaker Jode Roberts - Homegrown National Park Project


Meetings are held at the Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Avenue, just south of Queen Street West. Doors open at 6:30pm. 


We’ll make it short and sweet, but come and see our Board voted in, hear some brief reports and enjoy some special treats on us.

Our Speaker Jode Roberts - Homegrown National Park Project

Planting canoes along the former route of Garrison Creek is just one way the David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project playfully reimagines the City of Toronto as a National Park. Jode will share lessons learned from his work implementing these fun interventions.  

By Jode! Let’s Paint the Town Green!

Painting the town can be a little unholy, but painting it green with the David Suzuki Foundation’s (DSF) Jode Roberts is next to godliness for those of us who love nature. Among the environmental organization’s many initiatives is a project called The Homegrown National Park System and Roberts is going to be talking to us about this and other initiatives that promote a continuous “green corridor” through the country.

You might call it painting the town green, but that art is itself one of the outlets for Roberts’ many creative talents. His website is home to an extensive gallery of his colourful, abstract meditations (my term), as well as copious expertly executed photographs of everything from a scenic mountainside where a cow sporting it’s very lovely round brass bell is perfectly posed, to an evocative shot of bees buzzing around a hive, to his darling son taking glorious childhood flight from a patio chair. And of course, there is a photo of some of Toronto’s Park Rangers seated in a blue canoe before filling it with soil and planting native pollinators.

Yes, in all National Parks there have to be Rangers! And Toronto’s are mentoring the Homegrown Park System. It aims to connect existing green spaces, both public and private, in the most imaginative places, as well as creating new and inventive ones in a bid to expand consciousness about the earth’s living systems of which we are a part. And that’s where the canoe comes in.

But that’s what you’ll have to come to our next Hort meeting to find out about. As an artist, long time writer, communications strategist, and musical bike parade leader, among many other interesting projects, Roberts is sure to make a fun and compelling presentation that will have us all looking upon our own gardens as they slowly go to sleep and begin to dream up ways to join the Park System.

—Maria Nunes

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