Paul Zammit - The Power of Horticulture

September 30, 2013 meeting - click here to find out about our meeting time and location.

Despite being a man with a métier firmly rooted on terra firma, it’s not surprising that Paul Zammit spends a significant amount of time in the air. That’s because his knowledge is in demand far and wide. In the two weeks before presenting at our own Hort meeting on September 30th, he will have presented in Milton before immediately heading off to British Columbia to enlighten gardeners out there. He’s also presented talks in Europe and in the Caribbean. And he certainly has a lot to talk about!

Paul graduated from the University of Guelph’s Plant Agriculture program and immediately became a fixture at Etobicoke’s Plant World. While he specialized in perennials, Paul also developed quite a reputation as a container garden expert. Together with his wife and partner Uli, Paul has also created an award-winning garden at their west-end home. In fact, he admits that she deserves most of the credit. He also thinks she could give a great talk herself, although “she is really not a fan of public speaking …[which] is a real shame as she has many fantastic ideas, an amazing eye and great sense of design”.

Paul, on the other hand, seems quite comfortable speaking with people of all sorts, including very young gardeners (link to news story). He has a wonderful, youthful exuberance about plants and soil that he’s now putting to use in a new venue. Paul has moved on from Plant World, becoming the Nancy Eaton Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden in 2009. And he’s also expanded from perennials and container gardens through the TBG’s important educational function, including its participation in the Ontario Greenbelt’s World Food Crops program.

His talk this month will focus on The Power of Horticulture, which will draw on his recent experience at the TBG as well as “years of travel visiting public and private gardens and many years of working at a retail garden centre”. That’s a lot of experience from which to glean the real power of horticulture. Don’t miss it!

Maria Nunes

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