Marion Jarvie - Architectural Elements in the Garden

October 28, 2013 meeting - click here to find out about our meeting time and location.

Dire circumstances often inspire the greatest creativity. So when Marion Jarvie was stranded at her daughter’s in Calgary during the flooding last June, she completed the presentation she had spent half of the winter putting together. This month, our Hort will be host to the world premiere of her latest talk, Architectural Elements in the Garden: Including Architectural Plants.Credits to:

Marion’s world travels have opened her eyes to the many variations of gardens and the hardscape or architectural elements that form their backbone. But in her spare time she ponders these observations; she calls them “little reflections from whipping around the world”. They have led her to research what she’s seen, to developing understandings about what she’s seen, like plants that exist in nature in disparate parts of the world. But some observations are simply visually inspiring, like the view she caught recently in Vancouver, of the majestic Olympic flame sculpture through the Olympic rings—like the view of a garden treasure through an arbour.

Her presentation will illustrate the many styles of gardens and plants she has seen all over the world, their use of, inspiration from, and contribution to the architectural elements that invariably create the backbone of our gardens. She will take us through a history of gardening around the globe so we can “see what others have done with architecture and plants”.

—Maria Nunes

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