Marilyn Cornwall - Explorations in Garden and Flower Photography

January 28, 2013 Meeting.
Gardeners want to portray their garden’s beauty—the flowers, the plants and the garden composition. Travel along with Marilyn Cornwell, garden photographer, to learn ways to capture the images that you are seeing with your eyes and heart. 
A Photo a Day Keeps Full-Time Work at Bay
If you recently made a New Year’s resolution that you’ve already broken, you will be very impressed with Marilyn Cornwell. In 2006 she embarked on a project to take one photo per day and not only was she successful, midway through she discovered that she really enjoyed what she was doing. She liked it so much she’s made a second career of photography.
What’s more impressive is that with her MBA from the Schulich School of Business, Marilyn has spent the better part of the last thirty years immersed in the less than organic world of IT strategy, business analysis, and management consulting. She maintains a foot in that world, “it pays”, she explains; but the time she devotes to photography and her love for it is evident in her extensive online gallery. With ten individual galleries containing over 1000 images, Marilyn doesn’t just like photography, she really, really likes it. It’s not hard to see why.
It must be very rewarding to produce her spectacular images of plants and garden landscapes. Within this genre, Marilyn explores her subjects through colour, pattern, and form. But a few of her galleries explore these elements in other subjects, from railroads to decaying urban settings. Throughout, Marilyn brings out the sublime in otherwise banal subjects.
Her photography of the naturally sublime flower has been exhibited publicly, including her series Flowerography based on a centuries old method of encoding emotions: through floral arrangements. Today photography presents a very accessible medium for saving the beauty of our gardens for year-round enjoyment, for producing homemade cards (paper or virtual), and for adorning our indoor spaces. Marilyn Cornwell will share some of her extensive collection with us on January 28th. 

To see Marilyn’s website with it’s amazing examples of her work click here. To find out where and when the meeting is click here.

- Maria Nunes

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