Frank Kershaw - Creative Small Garden Design

Frank Kershaw. Photo credits to Ellen Novak.
October 29, 2012 Meeting.
As we put our gardens to bed, it’s probably not a bad time to take note of (if we haven’t already) what worked and what didn’t and consider changes and new landscaping projects. If you squint hard enough, you might even be able to ‘see’ a vision of a renewed and refreshed garden and property. This month’s speaker will be able to provide informative photographs and engaging ideas for interesting plant palettes and landscape concepts to bring your squinted vision into focus. Frank Kershaw’s 35+ years of experience are steeped in green stuff… the kind that does grow on trees.
Seven years ago, Kershaw retired from his position at the City of Toronto as Director, Policy & Development Division, Economic Development, Culture & Tourism. Doesn’t sound green? Well, like our evolving gardens, City departments’ names and purviews, and jobs themselves, change over the years. But what is important is that throughout his career with the municipality, Kershaw has been involved in the fields of parks, horticulture, and the environment, having sat on numerous steering committees and task forces over the years related to the development of Toronto’s green space system. So he can pronounce on large sites, but he is also quite well versed in the small inner city yard. As house renovations may see expanded houses on small lots, Kershaw says, the owners are often drawn to creative garden design solutions while still being mindful of maintenance implications. In his own backyard, he has a collection of hypertufa trough gardens much like our own Barry Parker’s. And it is with teaching about how to creatively bring gardens of all shapes, sizes, and situations to life that Frank has filled the last seven years of his ‘semi-retirement’.
Although he cautions that he’s not a Landscape Architect, Kershaw is teaching garden design and horticulture at the H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, and Landscape Architecture and Design at the University of Toronto and at George Brown College. He has taught at and lectured for many years at the RBG, the TBG, and at countless garden clubs, garden shows… you name it! Frank Kershaw is a much-sought-out, award-winning horticulturist with a wealth of knowledge about “garden design, various sizes of properties, [and] hard and soft landscapes, including all kinds of plant material”. He also writes an incredibly informative column in the Lee Valley & Veritas e-newsletter.
On October 29th, have your pencils sharpened; class will be in session and you won’t want to miss it!
— Maria Nunes
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