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Last winter, landscape designer Wolfegang Bonham of Peace Love and Landscaping travelled alone by motorcycle for 2 months through Mexico’s variable ecosystems visiting incredible gardens including tropical jungles, cactus filled deserts and beach-front palms. Join Wolfe’s journey of discovery.


There’s probably little you can think of that links gardens with motorcycles. Wolfe Bonham is going to hammer down** your understanding of the connection when he makes his presentation, and gives new meaning to the term ‘garden tour’ at this month’s Hort meeting.

The kilt wearing horticulturist/landscape designer is not only a musician and a former jeweller, he’s also a motorcycle enthusiast. Last January he embarked on a nearly three-month motorcycle garden tour through Mexico and some of Central America, clocking 22,000 kilometres.

The trip was planned around visiting gardens of all kinds, from the usual to the unique, like Edward James’ jungle garden, Las Pozas. It was an opportunity to see so many of the plants we grow indoors or as annuals in their natural habitat, or at least, in an environment where they can achieve their true potential. Wolfe also visited the mountain pine forest where monarchs over-winter!

Along the way, Wolfe ran into some problems related to his mode of transportation. But even one of these experiences contributed to his achieving a gardener’s dream, camping out for two days in a desert botanical garden. The other was a little less rewarding; in Belize, he didn’t completely manage to keep the dirty side down***. Wolfe flipped his bike twice and went off a bridge, leaving him badly bruised.

This kind of touring might not be for many of our members. But the freedom and opportunities provided by Wolfe’s very original garden odyssey make attending his presentation on it that much more enticing.

*Front door: motorcycle jargon for the first rider in a group ride.

**Hammer down: motorcycle jargon for accelerate quickly.

***Keep the dirty side down: a parting expression between bikers meaning ride safe.

Maria Nunes 

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