The Hort usually meets the last Monday of every month from September to May (except December). We are holding both in-person and Zoom meetings. If you are not a Hort member, but want to check out a meeting, you are most welcome to join us as a guest for no charge. To get a link to our online meeting, send email to We’re hoping you’ll want to become a member and join us!

In-person meetings are held at the Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church HALL, 250 Dunn Avenue, just south of Queen Street West. Doors open at 6:30pm. Meetings start informally around 7:00pm and the speaker begins the presentation at 7:30pm. Arrive after 6:30pm and enjoy tea and cookies while you check out the Hort library, chat, and ask questions!

Enter the church hall via the arched door the arrow is pointing to.

Upcoming meetings

    • 2023-11-27
    • 16:30 - 21:00
    • Bonar Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 2R9


    • We will be meeting in person at Bonar Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Ave, just South of Queen Street West. Arrive after 6:30 PM for refreshments and socializing, the meeting starts at 7:00PM. 
    • We will also be holding the meeting online through Zoom. Members will be sent the link in the newsletter in the week leading up to the meeting.

    Annual General Meeting (AGM) Agenda: COMING SOON


    Nature is not a frill for any rapidly growing 21st century city. Natural lands buffer our cities against flooding, heat, and air pollution. Natural landscapes can be both preserved and added into Toronto’s development, benefitting our environment and wellbeing, in terms of climate change, biodiversity, and physical and mental health. This talk also highlights Toronto's remarkable bird biodiversity; Toronto is not just a random spot on the landscape; the city has grown up on lands that have been key migratory corridors for birds for thousands of years. The talk illustrates how we can preserve, restore, and create more natural spaces, showcasing both successes like the Brickworks and the Meadoway, and creative new approaches that Toronto could be exploring.

    Ellen Schwartzel is Past-President of the Toronto Field Naturalists (TFN), and she continues to enjoy leading nature walks through Toronto's ravines - especially in the fall. Ellen's career in environmental policy included 23 years with the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. She was Ontario's Deputy Environmental Commissioner for four years, until retiring in 2018. Ellen’s academic training was in Botany, and she received her BSc and MSc at the University of Toronto.

    You can learn more about Ellen and have a sneak peak of TFN's "Adding Nature Talk" in this interview with CJRU's Met Radio here.

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