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  • February Meeting - Dr. Jacques-Joseph Moreau - Growing Marijuana High

February Meeting - Dr. Jacques-Joseph Moreau - Growing Marijuana High

  • 2023-02-27
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • Bonar Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 2R9


  • We will be meeting in person at Bonar Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Ave, just South of Queen Street West. Arrive after 6:30 PM for refreshments and socializing, the meeting starts at 7:30PM. 
    • Non-Hort Members are welcome to attend in person for a suggested donation of $5.
  • We will also be holding the meeting online through Zoom. Members will be sent the link in the newsletter in the week leading up to the meeting.


Dr. Moreau is known for his research into the effects of cannabis compounds. He has been quoted:

"I saw in hashish a significant means of exploring the genesis of mental illness. It could solve the enigma of mental illness and lead to the hidden source of the mysterious disorder we call “madness”. I had only to transfer the main characteristics of delirium to those of hashish intoxication and apply insights of self-observation."

It's legal for Canadians to grow four (4) Cannabis plants for personal consumption, but there may still be a few of us who would appreciate instruction in the art, science, and craft of marijuana growing, harvesting, and use. Dr. Moreau will cover the following topics:

  • WHY? ...do we grow it? The remarkable gains in scientific understanding of how compounds from marijuana (cannabinoids) and from our own cells (endocannabinoids) affect our moods, perception of pain, reduction of nausea in chemotherapy patients, and maybe even the runner's high help us understand why marijuana products are used around the world as drugs, either therapeutic or recreational. But other ancient uses for the plant such as hemp are becoming more important.
  • HOW? ...do we grow it, or why are females always better? We look first at where Cannabis grows in the wild, and how that influences horticultural and agricultural techniques, and then at specific practices for the weeks before harvest.
  • IS HIGHER BETTER? Or can bonsai Cannabis plants be grown?! At about 12 feet (4.5m) tall, C. sativa can be awkward on a balcony or small garden. C. indica is shorter, while C. ruderalis is low in height (2') and low in THC but can be high in CBD. Hybrids have been created for different purposes: for example Bediol is used for medical CBD production.
  • Turpitude, Turpentine, or Terpenes? Cannabis plants produce hundreds of cannabinoid compounds, and chemists have created many more. We look at the dangers and delights of the "terpene" compounds, which are clearly evil: they provide much of the scent and flavour of lemons, oranges, pines, coriander, and sweet basil. They are also produced insidiously in purple coneflower, lavender, and other plants which clearly should be strictly policed.

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