President's Report - Sept 15, 2018

Why you haven’t seen the August or September Newsletters…

September greetings everyone. By the time you get this I hope we will be enjoying the return to cooler weather…is that happening yet?

I’d like to bring you up to date on some of the things that have been happening with the hort.

At the last AGM in November 2017 I talked about ACCEPTING CHANGE.

In the March 2018 newsletter we announced that I will be giving up the editorship of the newsletter and invited participation in deciding on the next step.

In the May newsletter I said:

We will be changing. The newsletter will be changing. The Hort activities may be changing. The traditions we established many years ago, before the current communication tools were developed, and before many local organizations arose with agendas and missions similar to ours, may not be the most efficient way to carry on into the future. Although we have a large membership, we do not have a large volunteer base to drive our numerous current programmes…

and that over the course of the summer we would be meeting to talk about how to go forward. We invited participation from the membership. Eighteen Hort members, including seven Board members, were able to participate and signified their willingness to be involved in this.

We met in early July and discussed the following issues:

  1. Our Purpose (Mission)
  2. Our Communication Tools
  3. Our Monthly Meetings
  4. Our Hort Activities

Based on the participation and lively discussion at this July meeting, we will now be rolling out the following changes.

  1. Our Purpose (Mission): Our Constitutional “Purposes” will be included within the Hort Happenings Calendar that all of our members will receive (new and returning members).
  2. Our Communication Tools: The Newsletter is being overhauled, shortened, streamlined. It will now be called the Parkdale & Toronto Hort Bulletin and will be circulated by email via a platform called MailChimp. Additionally, anyone will be able to sign up to receive our bulletin! Please, Please, if you have an email address accept the Bulletin by email instead of snail mail.
  3. Our Monthly Meetings: We will better define some rotating jobs to keep things running smoothly, and since our library has not been much used or managed in recent years we will be winding it down.
  4. Our Hort Activities: Descriptions about volunteer opportunities will detail not only the event but what the volunteer role entails. If we are looking for people to volunteer in the organizing of our Plant Fair, for example, we will also describe what this involves and what the member will need to do. All of our volunteering is fun and fulfilling but we realize that we perhaps have not done the best job in letting you all know the details.  

Yes, many of the items above will still need to evolve and be discussed at the Board level.

We welcome further discussion, either by email or at the General Meetings if we can keep it short, keeping in mind that we have a visiting speaker. Also, if you would like a more ‘in depth’ description of the July proceedings, please let us know.

Hortingly yours,

Barbara Japp, President

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