Spirit of '68 at the Spring Flower Show

Can it be true? Yes, 40 years have sped by since Prague Spring, the Paris Student Riots, and Monterey Pop. Now we’re all so sedate, swaning around all in black with our opera tickets and yoga mats. Well, I say let’s get back the esprit of that exciting, anything could happen era. Only this time around, instead of Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll, we’ll say it with flowers (well, maybe a bit of Advil….). So, get in touch with your inner soixante-huitarde/’Flower Child’ and, using (legal) plant material from your own spring garden, create an arrangement that revisits the Sixties, riotous colour, rules made to be broken, Jimi and Janis and the Age of Aquarius. Have your creation ready for admiration and judging by 6:45 PM.  Peace, brothers and sisters.

Joni Boyer

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