2022 Runnymede United Church

2023-01-16 22:14 | Anonymous

The Runnymede United Church Creation Care Garden was such a joy to observe and be involved in this summer as we were able to see it in different phases of growth over a full season, for the first time! The second season of the CC garden proved to show that all our initial plantings last year survived and thrived, with exception of the ServiceBerry Tree which faced extreme heat waves last summer and sadly did not pull through.

The Serviceberry tree was replaced in 2022

The grant received from the Horticultural Societies of Toronto and Parkdale allowed us to replace the ServiceBerry Tree, and substantially amend the soil and mulch allowing the garden to thrive, bloom and attract pollinators, and attention from the Church community as well as passersby. It is hard to imagine that the CC garden wasn’t there just two years ago as it seems like a such a staple, a meeting place, a place to pause and reflect, a place to sit and reminisce and a place to come together to give back to nature and our community.

In addition to the generous grant given by the Hort, we received funding from RUC to plant over 170 bulbs with help from Sunday School children and hope to have an impressive show of flowers in spring 2023.

On behalf of the Faith Formation Committee at Runnymede United Church we would like to thank the Hort for supporting us in encouragement and funds to allow the creation of this centerpiece garden and to extend its healthy growth into its second year. After what had been a long time apart due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the garden gave us something to work towards together and in a safe way. The result was exactly as intended, bringing people from many different areas and backgrounds together, having a shared goal, and spending time on something positive, and furthermore, extended beauty and peace to those not directly involved in the build. Many people from the neighbourhood stop to chat as they walk by, and the children from Sunday School, the on-site daycare, and Scouts Canada who all use the property, enjoy gathering around the garden for activities. Many thanks for your support!

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