In 1988, the Toronto Horticultural Society (1834) merged with the Parkdale Horticultural Society (1988) to form the Horticultural Societies of Parkdale and Toronto. Together we are very proud to continue the efforts begun thirty-three years before Canada became a country. Those visionaries looked forward to a beautiful and civilized community. The motto of the Toronto Horticultural Society was Beautify Toronto. Our purpose is the same: to beautify Toronto and bring soul and sustenance to the city through the garden.

Despite our urban setting, the focus of the Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto is community gardening—making it accessible to those of all ages and physical or mental abilities. The funds raised at our annual Plant Fair and the Garden Tour go to support approximately fifteen community gardens, from boulevards and corner lots, to schools and the heritage gardens at Colborne Lodge, home of the founders of High Park. Many of our members are active in other community efforts that make for a livable city. Some things, like gardens, cut through all boundaries and open the door to mutual understanding.

All manner of gardeners are welcome—from pot to plot! Our members make gardens indoors under glass, on windowsills, and under lights; outdoors on rooftops, apartment balconies; in community gardens and some only in their minds.

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