Here are some of the committees you might be able to help out with.

Board of Directors

  • Undertakes board orientation and development for new members
  • Creates and maintains a handbook for board members
  • Provides background on issues of interest to the board for internal board operations (e.g. charitable status, succession planning)
  • Sponsors annual “Food for Thought” meeting
  • Manages relations with the OHA
  • May introduce new initiatives
  • May respond to urgent issues, reporting its action to the board at the earliest opportunity


  • Receives, maintains, and organizes materials for the society’s archives
  • Maintains liaison with the Ontario Archives


  • Oversees design of all print, e-mail and web material
  • Oversees the newsletter and website

Community Gardens

  • Receives requests for funds from community gardens
  • Maintains liaison with each garden
  • Administers the program by maintaining financial, pictorial and written records
  • Reviews annually the overall status of area-wide involvement
  • Fosters awareness in the community of the program and reaches out to look for new participants

Education and Outreach

  • Encourages the love of horticulture through educational initiatives with children and marginalized groups 
  • Collaborates with other community, non profit organizations in furthering horticultural endeavors throughout the city


  • Investigates possibilities for members’ excursions (e.g. garden tours and related activities outside or within Toronto)
  • Plans one or more excursions annually with the help of members and informants who have local knowledge
  • Generally, excursions are intended to break even


  • Chaired by the Treasurer who discusses and gives advice to the board on strategic financial matters
  • Nominates an assistant to perform the duties of the Treasurer in his or her absence, under his or her direction

Garden Tour

  • Plans and conducts an annual tour of private gardens in a Toronto neighbourhood


  • Manages the collection of the society’s books and media
  • Presents the collection at monthly meetings
  • Regulates and supervises the loan of books to members


  • Manages initial registration and renewals of society memberships
  • Maintains current printable electronic membership lists
  • Receives membership fees and delivers them to the Treasurer

Plant Fair

  • Plans and conducts all aspects of an annual plant fair
  • Maintains a balance between service to members and the community
  • Publicity and Public Relations
  • Communicates with other Hort committees that may want to be represented at the Plant Fair


  • Plans and conducts social events (e.g. St. Chris barbecue, May meeting)


  • Works with all committees to help fill their needs for volunteers
  • Tries to engage more members in volunteer activities 

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