Volunteering with The Hort brings soul to the city. We have opportunities here for constructive, co-operative effort and sharing gardening experiences. The Society is, by definition, a group of companions, and together we make everything happen. The hort works with teams of kindred spirits tackling projects, helping events run smoothly and serving on committees. We hope always to move forward with our combined energy and initiative, always to do better. Come and see what you would like to do, and who you would like to work with. Don’t forget our community garden projects—a great place to volunteer if you don’t have a garden of your own. There are many opportunities to join in the fun and your input and ideas are a valued part of our society. For more information about our projects and how you can participate, please contact info@parkdaletorontohort.com.

There’s something for everybody; volunteer opportunities abound at the Hort.