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Romero House Garden

My name is Marie-Noëlle Maillard. As a member of the Community Garden Committee, headed by Diana Baxter, I recently accepted to coordinate the work in the garden at 40 Dorval Road (Dundas West and Bloor West area) that is part of the Romero House network. Romero House is an organization that welcomes refugees and accommodates them temporarily in three or four houses in that same area. 40 Dorval is one of them. 2014 was the first year that Romero House was sponsored by the Hort.

The garden is pretty big and needs lots of work. More than half of it is devoted to vegetables (in boxes) for the use of the refugees. It’s also a sloping garden—very sloping actuallyand part of it is terraced, but this area needs a major rethink. At the Hort meeting last month, which I couldn’t attend, Diana made an appeal in my name to get volunteers. Yay! We got five names: Dorothy Foster, Ruth Dobb and Ray Bielaskie, Paivie Evars and Laura Brocklebank and three of them are already pretty active. Many thanks for their wonderful help. The thing is that, between us, we are missing certain skills necessary to do a proper job in that terrace area. We may have some help next spring to direct us for the structural work. But…

There is a but’ as it’s not a good idea to put the cart before the horse. So before starting on the structural work, we need, at the stage we are now, someone who could help us rethink the terraced area—let’s call a spade a spade—design or plan it. As in everything else, planning is essential. None of us feel we are up to this kind of job. But we are very good helpers. We would like to have one or two trees (maybe through the LEAF program). What trees? Where to plant them? Where to have steps? In wood? In stone? Where to have walkways to make the maintenance easy? What to do with a big plastic pipe (which has certainly its raison d’être) right in the middle of the slope? And so on and so forth.

So, my last sentence is this: is there someone who is ready, skilled and available to give us just a few hours to redesign that part of the garden? We can provide you with a to-scale plan. That we can do. I’m available for more information if you want to know more about the garden at 40 Dorval.

Marie-Noëlle Maillard (From the 2014 November newsletter.)

Ed Note: As a result of this request, Maria Nunes has volunteered to assist with the redesign. Thanks Maria!!!