Janet Davis - Creative Design Ideas With Spring Bulbs

At our September 29, 2014 meeting, Janet Davis handed out a list of bulbs to go with her wonderful images of spring gardens. To download the list please click here


Image from www.thepaintboxgarden.comJanet Davis has visited many chateaux in France. But don’t ask her what opulence lies behind their stone walls. While her husband peruses the man-made interiors of such well-known favourites as Versailles, Davis is content to peruse the man-made gardens surrounding them. She documents her visits, peering through her camera lens to create photographic tableaux of plants, flowers, insects, or landscapes, alone or in combination, as graphic close-ups, stunning garden portraits, or scenic compositions. Such is the mark of the professional photographer she has become since beginning her award-winning garden-writing career over twenty-five years ago.

Davis comes by this interest in gardening honestly, through her mother and grandfather. As a girl, while her friends became teenyboppers, she dug kidney-shaped flowerbeds in the yard of the family’s home on the outskirts of Vancouver. Since those early days, wherever she has lived, she has gardened, even if space constraints have meant only a window box. Today she gardens at her mid-town Toronto home and her Muskoka cottage where she has been experimenting with goldenrod. You can read all about this misunderstood native in her colourful blog

As a writer she began submitting her own photographs with story proposals for newspapers and magazines in the mid ‘90s. It was not easy to compete with in-house photographers, but her persistence led to Davis deciding to focus on photography. She began amassing a library of stock photos that now numbers over 120,000! Her work has been published in Canada’s national newspapers, North American magazines, books, advertisements, and on packaging.

Her images are shot anywhere that plants grow, including anywhere she travels and there are gardens to be seen, whether man-made or nature’s own. She makes annual visits to botanical gardens, such as Montreal’s VanDusen and Vancouver’s UBC. This October she will be touring South Africa. In Toronto she has shot at Mount Pleasant Cemetery and especially at the Toronto Botanical Garden.

For this presentation, Davis will cull from her collection, photos of plants that grow from bulbs, just in time to whet our appetites for the fall planting season. Her particular interest in alliums and her long-standing championing of pollinators will likely come into play in her selection, as well. Don’t miss this opportunity to begin imagining next year’s garden.

Maria Nunes

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