Rain Barrels for Sale 2012

GN21 (Green neighbours Ward 21)  is selling high quality rain barrels at an amazing price.  Here is your chance to capture rain for your garden and save on water bills, take better care of the environment and support GN21’s Eco Fair.

Each of these 180 – 220 L (45 – 55 gallon) rain barrels comes fully equipped with a leaf and mosquito filter basket, an overflow adapter that permits multiple barrels to be connected in series, 1.2m of overflow hose and a spigot that attaches directly to a garden hose. They’re made of durable food-grade plastic – in fact the barrels themselves are re-purposed wholesale food containers. They come in 5 different colours!

GN21 is selling these barrels  for just $60 each – about half the cost of most commercial models of the same size. To order yours, just go online to between now and May 29. You can prepay online or just reserve them and pay cash on delivery.

They will have the barrels ready for you to pick up on Sunday, June 3 at Freddie’s No Frills parking lot, 243 Alberta Ave. (north of St. Clair), Toronto.

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