Wolfegang Bonham - The Gardens Of Kyoto And Nara

November 26, 2012 Meeting.
To call Wolfegang Bonham a Renaissance Man is to conflate irony with understatement. It is ironic that Bonham’s obsession with gardens and gardening began when he was forced to deal with the unsightly concrete footings of his jewellery “booth” at Medieval and Renaissance shows. It is an understatement to call his mastery of jewellery, audio engineering, music, garden design, garden knowledge, and certification as a dry stone wall builder (sometimes while wearing a kilt), simply being a Renaissance Man. Perhaps, Post-Renaissance Man?
This month’s speaker undoubtedly has one of the most multi-faceted and fascinating pedigrees of anyone to address our Hort. Not to take away from our President, Clement Kent’s computer genius turned fruit fly and bee expert with an engaging talent for a dramatic turn at the sensation of a top hat upon his head, of course. Wolfe does, however, command attention in his own right, if not simply because of his unusual name. In fact, it’s a former stage name from his rock’n’roll days which he adopted for its immediate recognition. Wolfe has spent his life expressing himself by applying his unquestionable artistry in progressively more tangible media: from the aurality of music, to the beauty of jewellery, to the substantial complexity of garden design.
His knowledge and artistic sense is influenced by his years of study, both formally at Mohawk College where he received certificates in Horticulture Studies as well as Landscape Design, and his travels to experience gardens all over the world.
This month, he will present on his exploration of Japanese gardens, his favourite style, sharing the secrets of gardens in Kyoto and Nara.
─Maria Nunes
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