Jobs at the Hort Monthly Meeting

Dear Members,

Thank you for contributing some of your time to help us with our monthly meetings. Here is a description of the various jobs you can volunteer for using

Refreshment setup:  Get the refreshment cupboards out of the storage room. Make coffee and hot water for tea. Set up teas, milk, sugar, cookies/treats. Organize cups, donation basket, etc. BRING: Milk/Cream, Cookies (Give receipt to treasurer, you will be reimbursed tonight.)

Refreshment cleanup: Gather and clean cups at the end of the meeting, put away refreshment materials in cupboard. Hand off donations money to Membership coordinator. Put cupboard back in storage room.

Name tags: There should be a table to the hallway outside the kitchen door. Get the name tags box from the refreshment cupboards, and lay out in the plastic bags in alphabetical order. At then end of the meeting put away the name tags.

Room set-up: Set up projector screen, computer (tech equip), tables for name tags and other sale items, setting out chairs, and doing any light cleaning of chairs/tables required. At the end of the evening return tables to where they were.

Member and Visitor Liaison: Encourage members to wear their name tags, give visitors a Guest name tag. 

Sound Equipment: Coordinate with Ron as to setting up the sound equipment.

Lighting Director: Raise & lower lights as needed for speaker.


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